Blueberry + U.K. Cheese

Blue Cheese Gen. 08

80/20 Indica Hybrid

Blue Cheese is the most potent strain we have ever cultivated. Consistently certified above 30% THC, the most recent Steephill report was trice verified at 33% THC. Using PLCCâ„¢, we are able to not only produce above average yields, but really push the boundry on whats possible in terms of potency.

Blue Cheese is a delicious X of Original Cheese (UK) and Blueberry. It has a rich berry aroma and provides a full bodied high.

Blue Cheese is a quality trichome producer. With dense trichome fields across each calyx this Indica Hybrid is literally overflowing with terpenes and typically tests over 32% THC.

Medicinal flowers unlike any flower in the world - Blue Cheese stands out as one of the most beautiful strains of marijuana. Don't be fooled by the pretty colors though, Blue Cheese packs a serious punch.